In an exhibition, all the pictures are to be shown, which are mainly characterized by their colorfulness and enigmatic.  

... and this is where you come in

In order for the Volva exhibition to be possible, I need active support. With every purchase of a Volva painting, we come a little closer to this goal. Part of the income goes to the exhibition fund.


With a little help from my friends…

Thank you for your support !

For me it was clear from the beginning that Volva could not be realized in a conventional way. Volva was created by many different actors: people, water, earth, air and time. And it seems that many players will also contribute to Volva literally seeing the light of day, or better yet, to the world experiencing the light of Volva.

A special thanks goes to the company Elektro Gander AG. The company supported me significantly in developing the lighting concepts.